The mix of personal style, traditions, passion and random discoveries: Il Giuggiolo is the happy sum of many details that brought together creates a magic atmosphere.

About Us

The siblings Mario and Tiziana inherited this ancient estate with its seventeenth-century farmhouse from their parents.
At the end of 1999, Mario began the renovation work, and then the real potential of the place soon became clear so that the small family nest became an agriturismo.
The love and the passion for personalizing and furnishing has helped both of them to push forward a great deal of the work.
Mario has prepared the renovation work with his skills and resources almost alone.
Tiziana has decorated large parts of the house in which she has also introduced family furniture and unique charming objects.
Il Giuggiolo is at the same time warm and fresh, bright and relaxing, but definitely animated!

The Garden

We can say that our garden is a seasonal garden, with plants that blooms in spring, explode in the summer, prepare themselves in autumn with a color play on the winter retreat to blossom again next spring.
The starting point is the love of plants, the passion of gardening and the deep respect for nature.
The embankments are designed like an elegant, green salon, a constantly expanding concept. The composition of the plants is not accidental. Everything is designed to open up new perspectives and new emotions.

The beauty and the fascination of herbs is emphasized in a protected corner. In a bed like part of the garden, exposed to the sun, the herbs release the beguiling fragrance of the leaves and blossoms of rosemary, sage, thyme, marjoram, bay leaves and mint.

We are particularly attentive to the handling and the nature of our agricultural products, respecting the surroundings ensuring the safeguard of plants and animals, only to offer our guests uniques products from our organic garden. Tomatoes, salads, courgettes, aubergines, beans and much more can be harvested depending on the season.

Around our property we have many fruit trees such as different varieties of apples and pears, pomegranates, wild suspes, plums, hazelnuts and walnuts also, raspberries, currants, blackberries without spines, blueberries, rowanberry and a beautiful jujube that in italian is Giuggiolo.

We also have a small pond filled with frogs.

The L – shaped swimming pool of 12 x 16 meters has a maximum depth of 1,40 m.
The L shape provides a shallow area for the children. One side of the pool is accompanied by a lavender hedge.


Reuse is an art, it is not enough just to use something again. The real meaning behind it is to bring things to new life and sometimes also to a new purpose.
Treasures found on stores, cleaned from the patina of time.

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