Caves of Frasassi

In the province of Ancona, in Genga, there are probably the most spectacular caves of Italy. You can reach the grotto by car and even the journey is a real spectacle.

On 19 September 1971 the cave explorer Rolando Silvestri from Ancona found a gap in a rock from which he also felt a strong draft. Two weeks later he came back with his colleagues. They tried to find an entrance into the cave, which was supposed to be there, a few meters forward. At some point, when they did not venture further in the dark, they threw a stone into the depths. One, two, three, four seconds – no hit of the stone to hear. They threw another stone, this time. And what they heard surprised her: If they could estimate the time until the stone hit, then it had to go in front of them 150 to 200 meters in depth. With their 20-meter ladder they did not get far.
The cave explorers were not mistaken: the main grotto is so large that the cathedral of Milan would fit in. The stalagmites grow from the ground, stalactites hang down from the ceiling. A regular, leisurely drop is heard – and indicates how the cave must have grown in many thousands of years. One millimeter per year – the lime piles, calcareous limes and calcareous filaments do not usually grow. The most recent deposits, like spaghetti from the ceiling, are already 200 to 400 years old.
The explored area of ​​the grotto stretches for a length of 40 km!
The bizarrely shaped stalagmites and stalactites are exposed to cold light in order not to influence the constant temperature of the grotto of 14 °.
Various tours are possible. In addition to group tours in different languages ​​on comfortable routes, private guided tours are also possible in small groups from the protected walkways and paths. The required equipment is provided.

The grottoes are 50 km from, Il Giuggiolo.

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