Our Wines

The territory of the Marches Region is made of coast and mountains, plains and rivers which make it one of the few places in the world that is particularly suitable for wine growing.
From white wine on the coast to the red wine of the hinterland.
Some of the most famous wines are presented here.
BIANCHELLO DEL METAURO, a refreshing white wine from the province of Pesaro and Urbino in the cultivation area of ​​the river Metauro.
It is a wine with a long history. According to the Latin historian Tacito, the Bianchello played an important role during the invasion of Carthage. Asdrubalde’s army obviously drank too much of the wine so that they were defeated.
Bianchello obtained the DOC award in 1969.

VERDICCHIO DEI CASTELLI DI JESI DOC, one of Italians most famous wines. It is an excellent accompaniment to fish, but also to cheeses of various degrees of maturity. Traditionally drunk from the locals with the porchetta (pork fillet).

PASSERINA, a wine of bright color and a fresh citrus note.

LACRIMA DI MORRO D’ALBA, a DOC wine of ruby ​​red color and an intense, fruity and full bouquet taste.
This wine has been known for centuries. It was first mentioned in 1167 by Federico Barbarossa during the siege of Ancona. He chose the wall of Morro d’Alba as protection. The inhabitants were forced to surrender to the emperor and decide to give him the most delicious things they had, including this special grape juice from Morro d’Alba, to have their lives spared.

ROSSO CONERO, this wine is maybe the older of the region, already known by the Romans, has a ruby ​​red color with a strong fruity note. The grape is cultivated on the slopes of Mount Conero.

VERNACCHIA DI PERGOLA, wine with a violet color with flowers and fruity notes. Excellent with sausages, red meat, lamb and pasta dishes with mushrooms or truffles.

VISNER, an aromatised wine with wild cherry taste, with an intense ruby red color. Even the Romans already produced this wine back in times. Powerful and harmonious, it is particularly suitable as a dessert wine.

VERNACCHIA DI SERRAPETRONA SPUMANTE ROSSO DOCG, sweet or dry, the color ranges goes from garnet to dark ruby. A unique wine thanks to its preparation with a triple fermentation.

VIN SANTO, the freshly harvested grapes are hung on wooden beams under the roofs and matured until Easter, after that the grapes are pressed to produce the famous VIN SANTO. A wine of dark yellow color, served cool usually with fruit dessert or tartlet.

The MORETTA from FANO was drunk by the fishermen to warm up. A mixture of rum, anise schnapps, brandy and espresso. The real Moretta is served in a glassy coffee cup and has three layers: liqueur in the bottom, coffee and espresso cream on the top.