Adriatic Coast

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Monte San Bartolo Park

The nature reserve of Parco San Bartolo is surrounded by the green hills, the impressive cliff between Pesaro and Gabicce Mare. It is crossed by a fascinating panorama road that winds between the steep slopes and the enchanting landscapes. This steep coast is the first one you’ll meet on the adriatic way to south starting from Trieste. From here you have a wide view over the sea and the coast, where cliffs, crystalline sea water and an impressive broom blossom, an incomparable color play presented. From the green of the slopes to the deep blue of the sea, the high coast crashes for over 10 km into the deep sea. The park has impressive natural aspects, plants, the extensive Plinio reedbeds, the Aleppo pines and the rare maritime linen. The species of animals that live here are constantly reproducing. In the protected area, there are numerous birds and raptors, deer, foxes, badgers and goats. Just as impressive as the surroundings are the well-preserved medieval villages that are situated on the panoramic road, such as Fiorenzuola di Focara and Casteldimezzo, the splendid Villa Imperiale from the Renaissance period and the Villa Caprile from the seventeenth century with a beautiful garden, a monumental park and water games.
The nature reserve San Bartolo is located 55 km from Il Giuggiolo.


Founded in the 4th century BC by the Galli Senoni tribe, it became the first Roman colony of the Adriatic coast. Senigallia is located at the mouth of the River Misa halfway between Pesaro and Ancona.
The surrounding area is largely wooded with gentle hills that extend to the coast line.
Thanks to Giovanni della Rovere, the city enjoyed a great development. In the 16th century, it reached its peak and thus became the meeting place for the trade of Central Europe.
The city has produced numerous art treasures. The Foro Annonario, a 24-column Doric-style circle, the Cathedral, the Countess Palace, the Ercolani portals, the perfectly preserved castle and La Fenice theater.
In 1846 Giovanni Maria Mastai Ferretti, born in Senigallia, was appointed Pio IX as Pope.
In 1853, the first bathing beach was built, making Senigallia the most important seaside resort of its time.
In 1933 the Rotonda sul Mare was inaugurated.
Senigallia is located 50 km from Il Giuggiolo.